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The power of the Ancient Warriors

We all have times, when smaller or bigger challenges (crises) cross our path. Sometimes we lose someone, who's really dear to us; they die or decide to take a different path. Sometimes we lose a job and fear the financial consequences. Sometimes an illness threatens our existence or causes strong physical or emotional pain. Sometimes we know we have to change our life and are afraid that we won't make the right decision.

Ancient warriors are there to support you in times of crisis. They will protect your back as you face the challenge in front of you. They will give you the little bit of extra courage you may need to take an important yet difficult decision. They will sit with you when you want to cry and listen when you talk silently or out loud. They can't fight your battles, but in times of crises it often feels good to know, that you're not alone; that there is somebody right beside you or (if you prefer) behind you.

Someone right beside you

Through the ages people connected to powerful 'entities' to support them. These entities have been called angels, saints, Gods or totem animals each with a specific set of qualities. I believe that the cards (and paintings) I spread, offer you an opportunity to connect to the qualities of an Ancient Warrior. Maybe you can physically 'feel' the presence of that entity. Maybe it helps you to connect to your own inner warrior. Maybe it helps you to connect to a powerful 'need' that wants some extra attention.

You are here on this website because somebody saw the challenges you face right now and thought that you deserve a little extra support. When you received a card, you received a present that is still unwrapped. It's up to you to open it. How you open it, is up to you. The Circle may help you to connect to your particular warrior and receive the support he or she has to offer you.

Support and listening

Making and spreading Ancient Warriors is only one of the ways I try to support others. The other 'gift' I offer is 'listening'. Based on my training courses, work and the crises I experienced myself, I believe that one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself in times of crisis is to find someone who can truly listen. Someone that helps you to blow off steam. Someone who can help you find the 'core message', the one thing that makes this time in your life as hard as it seems to be. Or somebody who can help you find new solutions. (More …

Support us

This web-site and idea are free of charge. First of all I firmly believe that the Ancient Warriors should spread. Please tell people what your warrior has done for you. Spread the cards and request new ones if you want to. And when you feel you want to do even more (including donations), please let me know.

Hugo A. Roele