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Healing and other forms of human support

Based on personal experience I have learned that one of the things people want most in times of crisis is listening. Sometimes this means listening to ourselves and acknowledging that we are not happy with the present situations. Sometimes we want others to be with us and listen to us.

Listening to yourself

On my other websites kommunikasie, book of needs and deck of needs I offer you several tools and guidelines to listen to yourself. I also offer training and coaching to listen to yourself, each other and others.

Someone who listens

If you want a human being to listen to you, you can look at my personal site. I offer a wide range of ways to listen that include:

I do this work online (Skype), at home and in my workshops. I offer listening to individuals, couples, families and teams.

More about Hugo

More on Hugo's work as listener you can find on

Or call him on +31 622 802 976