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The Circle: feeling the support of the ancient warrior

You have received this card, because apparently somebody thought you deserve the support of an ancient warrior. We believe that you are supported even when you are not aware of it. And sometimes the impact of this support is even stronger, when we can see and feel the presence of the people and entities that support us.

The cards and paintings we send into the world are a tool to feel the support and energy of the entities we call ancient warriors. The guided meditation on this page may help you to see and/or feel the presence of a warrior, who decided to support you. Hold the card as you read the text below and see or feel how your warrior will present herself or himself to you.

A protective circle of warriors

Imagine that you are surrounded by a large circle of warriors. The circle is so large that you can hardly see the other side. Sometimes you see light shimmering on a piece of metal, often iron, sometimes gold, silver or even stranger materials. The warriors are quiet. You can’t hear them breathe. You don’t hear their weapons. The only sounds you hear are the soothing sounds of your own breath.

The place where you are is neither dark nor light. You can see clearly, although you can't see the  source of this light. There's no sun, no candles, no electric light. The only thing that makes it possible to see is a strong greenish light that seems omnipresent. It does not come from a particular direction. It’s simply there. It helps you to see. And the ability to see makes you feel safe. You are safe. The message of this greenish light is that you are allowed to see, feel and hear everything that needs to be seen in the full protection of the circle of warriors.

Meeting your own warrior

Now imagine that out of the circle of warriors one warrior steps out has decided to protect and support you. Maybe you saw him or her moving, maybe you didn't. Maybe you feel her or his presence, maybe you don't. Just know, that she or he is now with you, standing on a place that feels the most safe for you. This could be beside you, where you can see her or him. This could be behind you, where they can protect your back. Your warrior has chosen the best place to support YOU.

It's important to know that your warrior decided to support YOU. She or he chose you, because you are as much special to her or him as he or she may be special to you. Warriors chose the people the people they support carefully. If this warrior chose you, she or he has specific qualities to offer that only you need and a type of protection that perfectly suits how you like to receive protection.

Maybe you can see your warrior. Maybe you see part of the armoury, maybe the shield, the sword, the lance, maybe feet standing right next to your feet. Maybe you can sense her or his presence, without seeing. Maybe you can hear her or him, as a voice in your head, telling you what needs to be heard. Take you time to feel the presence of this warrior. Feel the protection. Feel the extra strength it is giving you.

Facing your challenge with the support of an ancient warrior

You've just been connected to the protection and support of an ancient warrior. Maybe for this moment feeling and enjoying the connection is enough. You can reconnect whenever you want or need to. And maybe with this protection and support you feel that you can go one step closer to your challenge and still feel as safe as before. You can have a closer look at your challenge. Maybe you can even touch it. Or maybe you will ask your warrior to touch it.

What happens next is up to you. It may depend on the kind of challenge. Sometimes the challenge is to go through a difficult period with illness or even death. Sometimes the challenge is to change something in you life, make a decision. Sometimes you have to face your challenge and see every aspect of it. Sometimes the challenge is just to stay with your challenge and do 'nothing'. (More support?)

Your story: tell what happened?

I’d love to know, how your warrior supported you in handling your challenge. I find that sharing stories makes people feel more connected. Maybe your story might even be of help to others in similar situations. And maybe you like to keep the story (a little longer) to yourself. Send me an e-mail when your story is ready to be shared with me and/or others or visit the Facebook page for others like, who received a warrior too.